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The Environment and Sustainability

Satisfaction & The Environment

Umweltpakt BayernOur guest's satisfaction is our number one objective.Environmental protection is no less important to us. To achieve a high level of environmental performance and to sustain it for the future, we lay down the following guidelines.

  1. Our customers are always welcome to contact us about their needs and we will do our best to satisfy them.
  2. We are committed to active environmental protection for we love our beautiful homeland and want to preserve its beauty. We will make sure that all relevant regulations are complied with and will take additional measures to continuously improve the environmental situation. The management, supported by the entire staff, will personally commit to that.
  3. Protecting the environment is dear to our hearts for the conscious use of natural resources characterises all our activities. We rely on suppliers offering regional products. Domestic agriculture plays an important role in this context.
  4. Knowing about our company's effect on the environment, we strive to – in an economically feasible way – continuously reduce resource consumption, emissions, waste water and, particularly, waste quantities. For instance, we have installed flow limiters at all wash basins and showers, return packaging and separate our waste. Our laundry service operates environmentally friendly and when it comes to our resources, we rely on top ecological quality. In our new hotel kitchen, we rely on a future-oriented and energy-saving mix between induction heat and gas. And of course, we use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  5. We are always open for improvement suggestions concerning our environmental performance from employees, guests and the interested public.

Since 2010, we have been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact for Sustainable Economic Growth and Environmental and Climate Protection. Since 2013, we source 100% of our energy from hydro power. The power is generated by the hydro power stations in Ettling and Pielweichs.




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