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Munichs Schäffler Dance


The Schäffler Dance dates back to the year 1517 and a time during which the plague ravaged Munich and claimed thousands of victims. Everybody was scared of the Black Death and all houses and shops were closed. The farmers wouldn't dare to go to the city which lead to a severe shortage of food. The suffering had reached its highest level and even when the plague vanished, the people wouldn't dare leave their houses for a long time and traffic came to a halt.

At that time, an insightful citizen developed the idea to stop whining and lamenting and to lift the peoples' spirits with a funny spectacle. This citizen also belonged to the guild of “Schäfflers”.

One day, joyful music could suddenly be heard in the streets. The people rushed to the windows which they hadn't opened in a long time: The Schäfflers took to the market square and there, equipped with leafed, green arches, staged a round dance. All the people stormed out of the half-deserted houses, followed the procession and laughed whole-heartedly. Many had died but also many who had thought each other dead, met in the streets. Life soon returned to the streets. Thus, the Schäfflers had reached their goal.

According to research conducted by the Munich Schäfflers, the Munich Schäffler Dance was first mentioned in City of Munich's archives in 1702. (Original history of origin written by the Munich Schäfflers).

Link to the Munich Schäfflers:

Every 7 years, Aschheim too stages a Schäffler Dance, at the same time as Munich does. Every generation of our inn keeper family has taken part in this dance. The next Schäffler Dance will take place in 2019.




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